Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eliminate procrastination

The essence of procrastination is very well reflected in this quote by Bernard Meltzer: "Hard work is often the easy work you did not do at the proper time."

Are you affected?

Have you ever seen your most important tasks being put off until later and then later and later, while you are getting busy with many not so important activities? Did you hope that you may have more time and better mood in the future to start the task and do it properly? Does an approaching deadline mean a crisis for you? Do you keep hesitating every time you make a decision?

If you often see yourself in such low productivity situations, then there is a big chance that your life got under control of the procrastination habit. And those situations are only the most explicit symptoms.

What is it?
A basic definition of procrastination is putting off the things that you should be doing now. This happens with all of us time after time.

Yet, what makes a big difference for your success is your ability to recognize procrastination reasons and expressions in their different forms, and to promptly take them under control, before this bad habit steals your opportunities, damages your career and pride, or destroys your relationships. So why do not you do it now?

Causes of procrastination

What are typical reasons why you procrastinate? Here are a few of the most common situations to consider in your anti procrastination efforts.

It can be as simple as
* Waiting for the right mood
* Waiting for the right time
Then look at the way you organize your work. You may notice other reasons for procrastination like
* Lack of clear goals
* Underestimating the difficulty of the tasks
* Underestimating the time required to complete the tasks
* Unclear standards for the task outcomes
* Feeling as the tasks are imposed on you from outside
* Too ambiguous tasks
And there are also many connections with
* Underdeveloped decision making skills
* Fear of failure or fear of success
* Perfectionism


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